16 June 2017

And now for some boobs: The Brighton Port Authority - “Toe Jam” (feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal)

OK, so the time has come. Nobody follows my blog, so I have to fire the big guns (or rather big boobs) in a last-ditch resort for saving my blogger career. So here we go. Let me present you a video with naked chicks.

And seriously... This is a brilliant song by Fatboy Slim's The Brighton Port Authority, featuring the one and only David Byrne, whose distinct vocals and nonchalant delivery fit perfectly with the lighthearted melody and the funny video.

And speaking of the video - yes, there are naked chicks in it. But all the fun parts are covered with censor boxes. I am sure it required a huge amount of editing, as it has been done in a very funny and creative way. It is not very often, when you can see censorship actually adding some value to the censored material. Absolutely brilliant. Just watch it for yourself. Oh, and the guy behind the video is the acclaimed music video director Keith Schofield.

The Brighton Port Authority - “Toe Jam” (feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal)

06 June 2017

I will show you this infographic: Autokratz - “Stay the same”

I just want you to see this video, because it is absolutely brilliant - creative and funny. Musically it is also worth noting, if one is into electro, as it illustrates a single from the debut EP of the band AutoKratz, but it definitely stands out because of the video, directed by Laurie Thinot. The video is a parody of infographic with charts changing to the beat of the track. It was presented in 2009 at Saatchi & Saatchi's New Directors Showcase - a part of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Autokratz - “Stay the same”

24 November 2016

From Middle Earth to Outer Space: The Phoenix Foundation - "Hitchcock"

One more lucky find. It was posted on the channel presenting short films, which it is indeed. But at the same time this is a video to a song by a New Zealandish band The Phoenix Foundation. I've never heard of them, but judging from this song, this is a mistake I have to correct as soon as possible.

This is a truly brilliant video, combining very original animation with perfectly corresponding music. It was directed (or in this case rather "made") by Reuben Sutherland, a visual artist specialising in mixing up live action and animation.

And the music is also original. I guess it could be labeled "post rock", but it wouldn't do justice to this great piece. This is a combination of atmospheric instrumental rock fueled by prominent guitars with electronic sounds straight out of Jean-Michel Jarre's most "cosmic" tunes. The result is something I would call "space rock".

OK, enough talkingwriting. I have to book a ticket for a nightflight to Venus.

The Phoenix Foundation - "Hitchcock"

A higher quality version can be found here.

26 February 2016

She's got talent: ElettroVoce Duo - "Parlando"

I ran into this video by chance, as this form of art is not my main field of interest. This is a recorded live performance of the act ElettroVoce Duo, comprising of Agata Zubel (voice) and Cezary Duchnowski (computer). And Agata Zubel herself is supposedly a young but already renown Polish vocalist and composer of contemporary academic music. And you just have to hear what she can do with her voice.

That's not something I would call "music", as it obviously does not qualify for repeated listening. But judged on its own merits, as an artistic performance showing technical prowess, insane command of the voice and infinite imagination and creativity in finding new ways of expression and stretching the boundaries of what is humanely possible to do with the voice - it is absolutely brilliant to watch.

ElettroVoce Duo - "Parlando"

26 January 2016

Karmuazine - "Between the Lines"

Classy trip-hop offering (8/10)

The new magic stories with a unique atmosphere of colorful Karmuazine's music.

This a classy trip-hop offering. Great female vocals, fine English accent (at least from my non-native perspective), professional production, catchy melodies, dreamy atmosphere. Highly recommended for fans of trip-hop or simply good pop music.

The album is available for free under CC licenses on Jamendo. You can also buy a lossless FLAC version on Bandcamp. This release is copyrighted.


If you like this album and you can afford it, consider supporting the artist by buying the full album or single tracks directly from the artist on Bandcamp - for as low as $ 0.7 per track.

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Creative Commons License Creative Commons License (2 tracks)

29 July 2014

Obsessions - "Obsessions" [EP]

A classy rock / punk rock offering (8/10)
Obsessions powstał na początku 2013 roku jako poboczny projekt osób związanych z takimi warszawskimi zespołami jak The Black Tapes i Capital. Szybko okazało się, że taka mieszanka osobowości i pomysłów oznacza, że Obsessions wyjdzie poza salę prób i zacznie funkcjonować jako pełnoprawny zespół. I tak się stało.

Po debiutanckim występie przed amerykańskim Obits w warszawskiej Cafe Kulturalna zespół wszedł do studia i zarejestrował cztery autorskie utwory, który złożyły się na debiutancki materiał, który wyda Antena Krzyku. Na winylowej siódemce, bo to jest odpowiedni nośnik dla takiej muzyki! Pomyśl o Hot Snakes i przefiltruj to przez całą brytyjską scenę muzyczną końca lat 70. a otrzymasz Obsessions w pełnej krasie.

This is a really surprisingly good minialbum from the Polish band Obsessions. I know nothing about them except that supposedly this is a side project of the three musicians connected with another Polish act The Black Tapes. They claim they play punk rock, but in my humble opinion this is just a straightforward rock. It is uptempo and loud, definitely influenced by punk, but lacking punkish aggressiveness. Anyhow, they are good. They know how to play, the songs are well recorded, riffs are great, vocal lines are catchy, the singer's singing manner is adequately slovenly. No genre bending here - pure rock at its best. So keep rocking, boys - it is nice to hear such classic approach for a change.

The album has been released on vinyl only (sic!) by the Antena Krzyku label and you cannot officially download it in any digital format. You can buy a vinyl in some online stores for around 7 euros (serpent.pl, seeyousoon.pl). But you have to act fast, as only 250 records have been made. You can also listen to the full album online on Bandcamp, but downloads are switched off. Of course, it is possible to download it anyhow in Bandcamp's preview quality (mp3 @ 128 kbit). No option to pay the artist this way, though. What a pity.

Bramajam - "Get on your feet"

Poor quality midi demo (1/10)

It's just a poor quality midi demo. These are not even full tracks, just short excerpts. There is no mastering at all, there are different volume levels, analog noises. Samples sound terrible. Maybe melodies as such would deserve a better rating than 1/10, but in its current state this "album" is unlistenable. Stay away, people.

The album has been released on Jamendo and is available for downloading in mp3 format.

[Creative Commons License]